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From the Rugby World Cup to Your Next Event: How Our Stretch Fabric Displays Ensure All Eyes Are on Your Business

15 October 2023

Have you been watching The Rugby World Cup? We have, and we spotted something interesting…

As the players emerged from the tunnel, we couldn't help but notice the Stretch Fabric Display Stands surrounding them. 

These stands not only look fantastic but are incredibly easy to set up, take down, and move around. With different teams playing in every match and the need to travel across the country, convenience, flexibility and style are paramount.

So let's dive deeper into the world of Formulate Fabric Displays and explore 5 key benefits that a Nuwave Display Stretch Fabric Stand brings to your event.


1 - High-Quality, Crease-Free Graphics

The Formulate Fabric Displays features tensioned graphics, these provide a high quality and crease free and display. 


2 - Durability and Environmental Friendliness

The Formulate fabric is almost impossible to damage, and is THE environmentally friendly option, it can also be washed should it be dirty after use.


3 - Lightweight and Portable

A 2.4m straight frame weighs only 5kg, making the system very lightweight and therefore easy to transport and store.


4 - Versatile Design Options

There are numerous Formulate options, in style and design, definitely one to suit your requirements.


6 - Message Adaptability

Graphics can be replaced should your logo or message change


In the ever-competitive landscape of event marketing, every advantage matters. Stretch Fabric Display Stands have quickly emerged as a game-changing tool for creating visually stunning, portable, and flexible displays. 

Whether you're promoting your business at a global sporting event or a local trade show, the Formulate Fabric Displays offered by Nuwave Display are your ticket to making a lasting impression.

Contact our friendly team today to discover how you can transform your next event with a Nuwave Display Stretch Fabric Display Stand.

Video/Image credit: Rugby World Cup

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