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  1. What is a popout banner?

    A popout banner is a banner that ‘pops out’ from a folded position.  Made from strong display fabric with epoxy resin fibreglass frames, they are exceptionally hardwearing and offer an easy to use means of promoting an event or product. A popout banner is sometimes called a pop-up banner, a toblerone banner, a banner burst or even a beach sandwich banner!  They can be used indoors or outside, are incredibly robust and offer a cost effective and quick means of branding.

  2. Are the popout banners all printed on both sides?

    Yes, all the Nuwave Display popout banners are printed on both sides as standard.

  3. Can we have a different design on each side of a popout banner?

    Yes, we can print different designs on each side of our popout banners, at no design or print extra charge.

  4. How do we supply you with our logo?

    We need to receive your logo in a format suitable for large scale printing. Full details of our artwork requirements are available here.

  5. What happens if we cannot find our logo in the correct format for printing?

    We can normally re-create your logo in the correct format, for which we will charge a small fee. However, we will supply you with this logo file for you to use in any other wide format printing you might need to do, with us or anyone else.

  6. Can you provide a visual proof?

    Yes, in all instances we provide a visual proof prior to production. This will give you a very good idea of what the finished product will look like.

  7. Do you provide a graphic design service?

    We are not graphic designers, so we cannot design new logos but we do have years of experience of laying out existing logos and messages to ensure that your message has the maximum impact. If you require a new logo or specialist graphic design service we can source this for you.

  8. What is the minimum order quantity?

    We have no minimum order quantity. As with most bespoke manufactured items, price reduces as quantity rises, but we recognise that very often one unit is all that is needed to get your message across.

  9. Will the print colours in the banners fade over time?

    Our banners are printed with high quality inks that are fade resistant, so your banners will not fade in strong sunlight.

  10. What stops your popout banners from blowing away in the wind?

    Our popout banners (sometimes refered to as pop-up banners) are all supplied complete with securing pegs. The pegs will secure the banners in even the strongest winds on an exposed golf course or similar! The pegs can be found in the velroed pocket on the side of the carry bag.

  11. Can your popout banners stand up to extreme weather conditions?

    All our popout banners are manufactured with an integral epoxy resin fibreglass frame. Unlike metal framed banners, which easily bend out of shape, fibreglass frames are more or less indestructible, making them particulalry suitable for outdoor use.

  12. How do you secure a popout banner onto a hard surface?

    The easiest way is to place a weight across the struts underneath the banner. These cannot be seen, and we can offer accessories for this if required.

  13. Could I print my logo onto the popout carry bag?

    Yes we can, and it looks really professional.  If you would like we can mirror the design from the banner onto the bag.

  14. How easy are the popout banners to fold?

    Complete and easy to follow folding instructions are included with every popout banner. The folding process is incredibly easy and takes just 30 seconds. All you need to do is squeeze an open banner in the middle; this naturally makes the banner curl into a figure of 8. The banner is then placed on its end and is easily folded in half and placed within its carry bag.

  15. Is a popout banner sometimes called a toblerone banner?

    Yes, a popout banner is sometimes called a toblerone banner, and also a pop-up banner, a banner burst, an A-frame banner or an oval golf banner!  If you are in any doubt about the description of a banner, give us a call on 01748 834850 and we will explain.

  16. Do all your banners and flags have a guarantee?

    Yes, all our banner and flag fabrics have a 12 month guarantee, and all our hardware is guaranteed for 24 months, giving you complete peace of mind.

  17. How strong are your flag poles?

    Our flag poles are manufactured from fibreglass to ensure a strong and long-lasting product.

  18. Can you provide ‘custom-made’ banners or flags for when a standard product is not suitable?

    Yes, our in house team can often adapt our banners or flags to fit specific requirements or make a ‘custom-made’ banner. If for any reason we cannot do this for you, our extensive industry contacts will mean we can source a solution for you.

  19. How many different models of flag do you make and which is best for me?

    We make three different complete flag and pole units, the Teardrop, Feather and Windchaser. All offer a large print area and usually the shape of your logo or the message you want printing on the flag decides which advertising flag is best for you. We can also make a flag to any size to fit an existing flagpole, custom-made to your exact requirements.

  20. Can I change the flag on my flagpole at a later date?

    Yes, if your logo or message changes we can make a new flag fabric to fit your existing pole system.

  21. Can you make flags double-sided?

    Yes, we can, and do, regularly make double-sided flags for clients, for which there is an extra charge. We also sew a liner in-between the front and back panels of the flag to prevent show-through.

  22. Is the print on the pvc banners scratch resistant?

    For all our pvc banners we use solvent print, which unlike UV prints, is very scratch and scuff resistant and needs no lamination.

  23. Is there any restriction on size of pvc banner I can have?

    No, pvc can be welded together seamlessly to provide large banners.

  24. Do the pvc banners need to be hemmed?

    Hemming is not strictly necessary, but does add extra strength and gives peace of mind.

  25. What distance apart do you put the eyelets on a pvc banner?

    The standard distance apart of the eyelets on a pvc banner is 50cm, but we can adjust this according to your specific requirements – just ask us!

  26. How do I decide which grade of gazebo I need?

    This all depends on how often you intend to use the gazebo and in what weather conditions. For frequent use in perhaps slightly adverse conditions we would recommend our Gold Standard gazebo, for infrequent use our Bronze Standard. Give us a call on 01748 834850 for full details of the gazebo range.

  27. What size of gazebo do you make?

    We can supply most standard sizes of gazebo, from 8m x 4m to 1.5m x 1.5m, the most frequently requested size is 3m x 3m.

  28. Where can I put my logo on the gazebo, and how much will it cost?

    The possibilities of branding a gazebo are endless. Do give us a call on 01748 834850 and we can discuss at length all the gazebo branding options open to you.

  29. What is a roller banner?

    A roller banner (sometimes called a popup banner) is a portable stand that has a graphic that pulls out from a cassette. The graphic is then supported under tension by a single pole located behind the graphic. When a roller banner is not in use the graphic is rolled up and protected in the cassette.

  30. What is the difference between an eco roller banner and a business class roller banner?

    The main difference is the quality of the cassette, see images and descriptions on the roller banner pages. The graphics are all printed onto blockout, so-flat pvc, to ensure there is no ‘show through’ of the pvc and that the edges do not curl, a common problem on other low cost roller banners.

  31. Where can you deliver to?

    We deliver worldwide, but most frequently to the UK!

  32. What is your lead time?

    Our standard lead time is 5 working days from receipt of approved artwork. Our delivery to a UK mainland address is overnight and to a European address it is 2 to 4 days depending on location. Should you need your banners or flags quicker than 5 working days, do please give us a call on 01748 834850, we will do our utmost to help!

  33. What is an Easy Banner?

    An easy banner is a tensioned banner with snap on rails at the top and bottom. There is no cassette so no moving parts, therefore nothing to go wrong. A good alternative to a roller banner. This can be made from either blockout, so-flat pvc or 220gsm display fabric, both give a fabulous sleek finish.

  34. What is a Joinable Easy Banner, and how does it work?

    Individual banners can be joined together with the aid of a simple kit, to give a seamless wide banner, a great way to create a professional looking backdrop.

  35. What is the difference between a tablecloth and a table runner?

    A table runner is a cost effective way to brand a table, usually just 2m x 1m and costing only £50 a table runner is usually placed over a white or plain tablecloth. Whereas a tablecloth covers the full table and is generally branded on the front section.

  36. What is a bespoke product?

    A bespoke product is one that is made especially to a size and design, it is made-to-measure.

  37. What is the maximum size for a bespoke flag or fabric?

    A bespoke flag or fabric can be made to whatever size you require, but you must bear in mind that for a large product there will be a discreet seam where two pieces of fabric are joined together.

  38. Can I have the bespoke fabric with hems and eyelets?

    Yes, the bespoke fabric will be made to your exact requirements.

  39. Is it possible to have the print on both sides of a bespoke item?

    Yes it is perfectly possible. We sew a blockout inter-liner inbetween the two fabrics so that no shadows can be seen from one side to the other. A bespoke item is just that, an item made especially for you to your specification.

  40. Can I order accessories without ordering a banner or flag?

    Yes, you may order individual accessories without ordering a banner, flag or gazebo.

  41. What is the maximum size a Neptune banner can be made?

    A Neptune banner can be made up to 2.2m wide and 2.2m high.

  42. What is the minimum size a Neptune banner can be made?

    A Neptune banner can be made as small as 0.9m high and 1.3m wide.

  43. What is a barrier jacket?

    A barrier jacket (sometimes called a barrier cover or crowd barrier cover) is a cover for a barrier, generally made from a lightweight fabric and covers both sides of a crowd barrier. These can be fastened with Velcro or ties and made to measure. These are then generally printed to provide an attractive looking advertising message board!

  44. What size are the barrier covers?

    As with all our products, we can make a bespoke product for you. If you need 2m barrier covers we can make them for you, all we need is a size specification.

  45. What is a cafe barrier?

    A cafe barrier (sometimes called a pedestrian control barrier, a crowd control barriers, or a queue or delineation system) is a printed material generally made from fabric suspended on a pole between two posts, to mark-out an area. For instance they can be used to mark-out a seating area outside a cafe.

  46. What can a cafe barrier panel be made from?

    Cafe barriers can be made from fabric, mesh or pvc, all offer a large print area and the opportunity to display a logo or message to maximum effect.

  47. What is fencing scrim?

    Fencing scrim is basically a single-sided cover for fencing. Sometimes called scrim, heras scrim, crowd barrier jackets, barrier sleeves or crowd barrier covers, but fencing scrim does tend to cover higher barriers – sometimes seen round building or development works. This can be made from fabric, pvc or mesh and due to the large size offers an opportunity to brand or display a message over a big surface area.