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Exhibition Stands from Nuwave Display

At Nuwave we have divided these up into three sections, roughly relating to the cost and complexity of the stand required.  What is common to all is that we recognise there are a huge number of ways to fill exhibition space.  Space large or small, complicated or simple, we are here to help, listen and then advise as to the best exhibition stand design and solution for you.

Portable self-install exhibition stands refers to the myriad systems that are out there that you can comfortably transport to the show, put up and take down yourself and also store relatively easily for another day.  Our years of experience can help in trying to work out what is best for you for now and of course what will work in the future.  Because we print and finish in house, we are in a good position to create as bespoke a solution as possible for you.  If you have an exhibition stand idea try us.  We can normally make it work.

Hybrid install exhibition stands refers to rather more complicated solutions that tend to be more modular.  All the systems we recommend can be relatively easily installed by a confident person or people, however depending on the size and complexity of the stand it can be time consuming and a little “nerve wracking” so some people prefer a team of outside installers to do the exhibition stand installation; something we are very happy to help with at Nuwave. Again our wealth of experience in this area can help in designing, specifying and then producing the best layout and system for you.

Custom install exhibition stands refers to stands at the top end of the complexity spectrum.  These are typically a mix of modular framing systems and bespoke manufactured solutions, all installed and taken down by our team of expert installers.  Offering a consultative approach to your custom built exhibition stand, we firstly listen to your exhibition stand idea, what it is you want to achieve from your exhibition experience, both in terms of the finished look of your stand and in terms of the customer experience and budget. From talking with you we create a bespoke exhibition stand design to show the finest detail, ensuring that the exhibition experience is a professional and smooth one for your team. This is Custom Install from a team with over 30 years experience.