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Teardrop Flag

The Teardrop shape flag is now a familiar site on our streets and at shows and events. Its shape is both eye-catching and also particularly well suited to operating in windy conditions. This together with the exceptionally strong and durable pole and base systems we provide at Nuwave, makes for a flag of remarkable impact and longevity. 

The teardrop flag is by no means the easiest shaped flag to make, so you will see flags of varying quality on display. At Nuwave Display we pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of our sewing and finishing, which allows us to provide teardrop flags that are flat and crease free, ensuring your message gets the attention it deserves. 

Choose from single-sided print or double-sided print and four different sizes, plus don’t forget to order your base, we have various options to suit wherever you want to put these flags up.


Price includes printed flag fabric, sectional pole system and carry bag.
£85.00 - Ex VAT
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Quantity Small (height 2.2m), Single Sided Small (height 2.2m), Double Sided Medium (height 3.5m), Single Sided Medium (height 3.5m), Double Sided Large (height 4.6m), Single Sided Large (height 4.6m), Double Sided Extra Large (height 5.6m), Single Sided Extra Large (height 5.6m), Double Sided
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    Nuwave Display Teardrop Flags:

  1. Are printed in full colour digital print onto flame retardant taffeta flag fabric, that gives an exceptionally strong and vivid print.
  2. Are supplied complete with a sectional epoxy resin glass fibre pole.
  3. Are printed in full onto one-side (with good show through to the reverse side), with an option for a double double-sided print if required.
  4. Are supplied in a zip up, pu-coated, water resistant carry bag.
  5. Have a range of base options available to suit all conditions. All base options include a rotating spindle that allows the whole flag unit to turn in the wind and thus avoid any fabric getting wrapped round the flag pole.


Size of Teardrop Flag Total Height Bag Size Weight of Flag
Extra Large (3.8m x 1.5m) 5.6m 153cmx15cmx4cm 3kg
Large (3.8m x 1.5m) 4.6m 153cmx15cmx4cm 3kg
Medium (2.8m x 0.95m) 3.5m 153cmx15cmx4cm 2kg
Small (1.75m x 0.75m) 2.2m 153cmx15cmx4cm 2kg
  1. Our pole systems are all made from high quality and extra strong epoxy resin glass fibre, so can withstand all conditions. As a result we can guarantee all poles for two years to give added piece of mind.
  2. Flag banners are traditionally printed on one side only. At Nuwave we are happy to make these double sided for extra impact.
  3. All our beach flag systems are designed so that not only do they work in the worst conditions, but also stay visible when there is no wind at all! Your message will be visible whatever the weather.
  4. The flag fabrics can be replaced if your logo or message changes; much more cost effective than purchasing a whole new flag system – remember the poles last for years – no need to replace the whole thing.
  5. The Nuwave Beach flag range comes with a variety of base options so you can put your flag up on any surface anywhere.
  1. All Nuwave Beach flags are designed to display perfectly wind or no wind, so they work just as well indoors or in sheltered spots as in the windy outdoors.
  2. Need to move your banners between venues?
    Nuwave Beach flags dismantle into an easy to handle carry bag which makes them quick, cheap and easy to transport.
  3. Worried about a windy spot destroying your flags?
    Nuwave Beach flags are perfect. The swivel bases they sit on make sure the flag does not wrap round the flag pole. Also the Teardrop shape (often also referred to as a feather, for good reason) is the most efficient shape possible to work in the wind. Its shape and construction means there is no “flapping” of the fabric. This “flapping” is a classic reason why you see so many flags “frayed” and torn at the edges. Not an issue with Nuwave Beach flags.
  4. Nuwave Beach flags are ideal for shop or marquee fronts. Our range of bases and wall and ground mount options means you can mount our flags on the ground, up the side of a wall or post or at an angle away from a wall. Perfect for catching the attention of potential shoppers.
  5. Do you need your flags to perform indoors and perform equally well outside?
    Nuwave Beach flags not only look good and eyecatching indoors, they are designed to display perfectly, wind or no wind so are the perfect solution indoors also.
  6. Security an issue?
    Nuwave’s optional system that prevents easy removal of the pole from its base means our range is ideal where your flags have a habit of going “walking”!
  1. Is the pole system you are being offered fibre-glass or metal? Metal frames are considerably cheaper to make and can be more rigid BUT they tend to be less strong and robust. Metal tubes (which is what poles are made from) have a propensity to bend and buckle in stronger winds rendering then useless. Fibre-glass does not buckle and bend permanently out of shape. As long as its fibres remain good it will always retain its shape.
  2. Is your supplier offering you a 2 year guarantee? Fibre-glass resins vary as do the thickness of the walls of the poles being offered. The thinner the wall and the cheaper the resin used, the cheaper the pole will be. BUT it will not last in anything other than benign conditions. Our 2 year guarantee we hope will give you confidence that our poles are not designed to be cheap but to give you years of service. The bad weather last winter left many a flag pole bent and broken by the roadside and exposed the ”cheaper pole” from the one stronger ones.
  3. Does your supplier offer reinforcement on his pole sleeves? Last winter’s weather has revealed many suppliers that do not. The strong winds have in many cases seen flag poles piercing the ends of the flags rendering them useless as flags and worse making the premises look messy and 2nd rate. At Nuwave we are aware of this issue and reinforce the ends of all our sleeves to ensure your flags always works whatever the wind and thus keep your premises looking smart and professional.
  4. How much help are you being offered on design and artwork? This can be a daunting prospect for some buyers and when left unsupported can make what looked like a good value banner turn into a very expensive and time consuming purchase.
  5. How much help and advice are you being offered to make sure you get the right solution for your needs? Your needs can be varied and the solutions available can be many. The cheapest solution may not be the best solution for you or conversely a more expensive one may not be the most appropriate one either. The best suppliers offer the best advice to ensure that you get the best solution for you.
  1. How strong are your flagpoles?
  2. Our flagpoles are manufactured from epoxy resin fibreglass to ensure a strong and long-lasting product.

  3. Do all your beach flags have a guarantee?
  4. Yes, all the flagpoles have a 24 month guarantee.

  5. Can I change the flag on my flagpole at a later date?
  6. Yes, if your logo or message changes we can make a new flag fabric to fit your existing pole system.

  7. Can you make the flags double-sided?
  8. Yes, we can, and do, regularly make double-sided flags for clients, for which there is an extra charge.

  9. Does the flag size have to be exactly as advertised?
  10. No. We can change the size to suit what your need. So for instance flags to stand in car lots very often need to be shorter so as to stay clear of the car. This is very easily done.

  11. Can you make a flag fabric to fit our existing flag pole?
  12. Yes. We can print and finish a flag fabric to any size and shape that you require.

  13. Do you have a solution where security might be an issue?
  14. Yes. Some people are worried that poles can easily be removed from their bases. This can be a problem on public streets etc. At Nuwave we have developed a system where removing the pole from its base is a whole lot more difficult. Just ask if you want us to include this solution.

  1. Choose the product size you require, see illustration within the images for available sizes.
  2. Select how many you would like – Contact us on 01748 834850 for a quotation for large quantities.
  3. Select if you would like single or double-sided print.
  4. Add to basket.
  5. Select your flag base option (s).
  6. Add to basket.
  7. Checkout to complete your purchase.
  8. Select the relevant template to design your artwork.
  9. Upload your artwork.
  1. Design your own artwork using our design templates; these can be downloaded from the Download Artwork Templates tab above. We can print directly from most vectored or high resolution formats; read our full Artwork Guidelines tab also above. Once you have designed your artwork on our template, upload it using the Upload Artwork tab below or send by email to if small enough.
  2. We appreciate that not everyone can design their own layouts so we are more than happy to help layout your artwork for you. For all orders over £100 we offer a simple service free of charge. For orders under £100 we charge £20 which covers 45 minutes of studio time. In any case, where design requirements need more time or need more expert input we will quote before embarking upon the request. In order for us to proceed once you have ordered, please send your logo(s) and design brief by email to or use the Upload Artwork tab below where files are too large to email.
  3. If you have any query at all about your artwork, do please give us a call on 01748 834850, we are here to help!

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Michael Jarman - Botham's of Whitby says...

Excellent quality banners. We have used Newave for a couple of years now and find their service superb. Would use again.

Noel Trewhela Bentley Drivers Club says...

Fantastic products always good quality for money and great customer service thank you Judith and the team.

RAMPS says...

Superb quality superb deal thank you to the Nuwavedisplay team !! Kev Mason RAMPS Motorcycle Project Coordinator

RAMPS says...

Superb quality superb deal thank you to the Nuwavedisplay team !! Kev Mason RAMPS Motorcycle Project Coordinator

Beach Flags


Feather Flags Promotional feather flags are exceptionally popular now. You see them being used on a daily basis, either on car forecourts, outside visitor attractions as a way to notify the general public of an event or brand, or at exhibitions to attract attention! Whichever way feather flags are used, they are an integral part of everyday life. Feather flags are a very cost effective means to promote your company; they are re-useable and very user friendly.

Setup in a matter of minutes, feather flags (sometimes called feather banners or sail flags) are a tried and tested way to promote your brand; outside in all kinds of weather or inside at events or exhibitions to draw attention and generate exposure. A means just to let potential customers know where you are, who you are and what you can do for them...

Feather flags are suitable for use all year round, the flag poles are made from epoxy-resin and are guaranteed for 24 months, they are designed to sway and flex in the wind. The Nuwave Display feather flags are durable and built to last not like some of the cheaper flags on the market! Various flag bases are available to purchase as optional extras, depending on if you wish to use the flags on a grass surface or on a hard standing.

The Nuwave Display range of feather flags, teardrop flags and windchaser flags are all available printed either single-sided or double-sided. The single-sided option has a mirror image on the reverse, and the double-sided is the same both sides with an inter-liner between the front and back to prevent show through.

All the Nuwave banners and flags are made in North Yorkshire, giving complete control over quality and customer service, allowing the provision of a reliable first class service time and time again.


•    High quality print onto durable flag fabric
•    Weatherproof and washable fabric
•    Very easy to pack away, transport and store
•    Replace just the flag fabric if your logo or message changes
•    Available with single-sided or double-sided print
•    Wide range of shapes and sizes available
•    Wide range of base options
•    Epoxy-resin flag poles can bend and sway in the wind, and still give years of service

Best Uses

•    Outdoor sports events
•    Country and agricultural shows
•    On the high street to draw attention to shops or events
•    Great way to advertise short term special offers or sales
•    At exhibitions to be seen above standard height exhibition stands
•    Raising profile in the local vicinity
•    Roadside/car forecourt advertising

Non-price Considerations

•    Help and advice available on selection of shape or height of feather flag
•    Help and advice available with design
•    Supplied with a lightweight  canvas carry bag as standard
•    Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we are here to help

Styles of Feather Flag available from Nuwave Display

If you are not sure which style of advertising flag would be most suitable for your requirements, we can help with your decision making process.

Firstly the very popular teardrop flags, as the name suggests these flags are shaped like a teardrop and do not particularly flutter in the wind; they just retain their shape and keep the large print area visible at all times. Available as extra large this is 5.6m high with a large flag area of 3.8m x 1.5m.

Slightly more upright than the teardrop, is the windchaser flag. Once again available in four sizes, from 2.5m up to 5.5m, the windchaser does flutter beautifully in the wind and really draws attention at a busy event. The most popular flag in the range, the windchaser performs very well in all instances.

The feather flag, or sometimes called a sail flag or flag banner, has a rigid pole and parallel design. A very large print area allows a tall, or depending how you look at it, long message! Four sizes with the larges being 4.5m x 0.75m, a large area for an important message.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for on any of the above pages, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we are here to help!