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Golf Pin Flags

A great way to brand a golf event is with bespoke pin flags.  Your clients will definitely appreciate a really professional event with branded golf pin flags. 

You can choose to brand just the first hole, just the last or all 18, the choice is yours. Made from ST110 durable flag fabric if your preferred option is a single-sided pin flag, or from pu coated blockout material if you would like to have both sides branded.  And, you can have a different design on each side, maybe the course logo on one side and sponsors logo on the other, its up to you?
Generally made 400mm x 300mm, but we can make a specific size to suit your requirements, the flags can be either tied on, with a velcro fastening or a swivel tube, the choice is yours.

Golf pin flags are a great solution for on-course branding and will really ensure a golf event goes with a swing. They are tough, durable and can withstand a windy golf course to ensure your branding remains in place regardless of the weather.

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1. The Nuwave golf pin flags are made 400mm x 300mm single-sided as standard, but we can make double-sided and bespoke sizes and shapes if required.
2. Style options are tie on, velcro fastenings or swivel tubelock fixing.
3. Made from ST110 polyester flag fabric as standard for single-sided, but can be made from pu coated blockout material for double-sided.

1. The benefit of using Nuwave Display for your golf pin flags is that we make your flags just for you, they are not an 'off the shelf item'.
2. You can choose to have your golf pin flags either single or double-sided, any colour, with or without hole numbers, and any shape the choice is yours.
3. The benefit of a tie on golf pin flag, is they fit any pole, the benefit of velcro fastening is they also fit any pole. The benefit of the swivel tubelock system is they look much more professional than the other options, but are a specific size and therefore only fit regulation poles.

1. Really the best uses for this product is pretty self explanatory. Golf pin flags are exactly what they are, a small flag which fits on a pole and used on golf courses to indicate where the hole is on a golf green.  It must be visible from a long distance to help guide the players to the correct part of the green.

  1. Choose the size you require, our standard size and template is 400mm x 300mm.
  2. Select how many you would like – Contact us on 01748 834850 for a quotation for larger quantities.
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  1. Design your own artwork to your specific size requirements. We can print directly from most vectored or high resolution formats; see our Artwork Requirements tab also on the right. Once you have designed your artwork, upload it using the Upload Artwork tab below or send by email to if small enough.
  2. We appreciate that not everyone can design their own layouts so we are more than happy to help layout your artwork for you. For all orders over £100 we offer a simple service free of charge. For orders under £100 we charge £20 which covers 45 minutes of studio time. In any case, where design requirements need more time or need more expert input we will quote before embarking upon the request. In order for us to proceed once you have ordered, please send your logo(s) and design brief by email to or use the Upload Artwork tab below where files are too large to email.
  3. If you have any query at all with your artwork, please do give us a call on 01748 834850, we are here to help!

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Golf Course Signage


It is a well known that many decision makers meet up on the golf course to do business.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, a PGA Champion or a member of your local country golf club it will be difficult to miss the number of ads in forms of flyers and flyers and magazines but standing out from the crowd is a whole different ball game.

Here at Nuwave Display we want to help you do much more than just tee off. We aim to go full swing and get your brand noticed quickly, effectively and at a price that's right for your business. Our minimum order quantity is 1 so you can try us and get going straight away.

Nuwave Display will help you to build your brand because we'll get you noticed! We have a wide range of high quality signage products perfect for indoors or outdoors, including on the golf course. Come wind or shine, or even blustery winds and showers your custom made products will remain an eyecatching advertisement for your company.

In the past our advertising flags, popout banners, pvc banners, tee markers and pin flags have been a popular choice of display options for golf courses.