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SEG Fabric Popup System

The new SEG Fabric Popup System from Nuwave Display combines the flatness and quality of a fabric frame system with the portability and ease of use of a popup system, giving far better flatness and quality than a traditional system that uses velcro. The SEG (Silicone Edged Graphic) tensioned fabric gives a high quality, crease free and seamless display, there are no more worries about lining up graphics.

The SEG Fabric Popup System is incredibly easy to put up and take down.  The system breaks down into an easy to carry bag so is easy to transport (a 3x3 frame weighs only 14kg) and easy to store - all in all a very easy system to use.

Straight or curved stands are available and frames can be linked together horizontally, vertically, and at right angles to make huge modular systems with seamless graphics, if need be.

Lots of options are available, the SEG Fabric Popup System frames can be covered on one side, one side and end caps, both sides or both sides plus end caps. And also, frames can be backlit internally or front lit with spots attached.

The light boxes for this system are fantastic looking and great value, suitable for retail and exhibition environments.  And finally, should your logo or message change, replacement graphics are available!

£289.00 - Ex VAT
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Quantity 1x3 Popup Stand Straight (0.79m wide) 2x3 Popup Stand Straight (1.52m wide) 3x3 Popup Stand Straight (2.24m wide) 4x3 Popup Stand Straight (2.97m wide)
1+ £289.00 £381.00 £477.00 £565.00

  1. The Nuwave SEG Fabric Popup Systems are printed in full colour digital print.
  2. The SEG tensioned graphics give a high quality, crease free and seamless display.  There are no more worries about lining up the graphics as with a more traditional system.  SEG refers to Silicone Edged Graphics.
  3. Stands can be curved or straight, and the system can break down to be transported in a wheeled or carry bag.
  4. A 3x3 frame (2239mm W x 2255mm H x 338mm D) weighs only 14kg, making the system very easy to transport and store.
  5. The frames can have graphics covering one side, one side and ends, both sides or on both sides and both ends - the possibilities are endless!
  6. Frames can be backlit internally or front lit with spotlights attached.
  7. Graphics can be replaced should your logo or message change.


Stand Configuration Design Weight Width Height Depth
1x3 Popup Stand Straight 10kg 790mm 2255mm 338mm
2x3 Popup Stand Straight 12kg 1523mm 2255mm 338mm
3x3 Popup Stand Straight 14kg 2239mm 2255mm 338mm
4x3 Popup Stand Straight 15kg 2972mm 2255mm 338mm
    1. The SEG Fabric Popup System features tensioned graphics.  These give a high quality, crease free and seamless display. 
    2. No more worries about lining up the graphics as with a more traditional system.
    3. The SEG fabric is almost impossible to damage, and is THE environmentally friendly option.
    4. A 3x3 frame weighs only 11kg, making the system very lightweight and therefore easy to transport and store.
    5. Option to back light the display internally or front light it with spotlights.
    6. Graphics can be replaced should your logo or message change.
    The SEG Fabric Popup Systems are best used to create a very professional looking but good value display at an exhibition, event, trade fair or wherever ease of use and portability of your stand are important.    
    1.  How much help are you being offered on design and artwork?
    This can be a daunting prospect for some buyers and when left unsupported can make what looked like a good value product turn into a very expensive and time consuming purchase.

    2.  How much help and advice are you being offered to make sure you get the right solution for your needs?
    Your needs can be varied and the solutions available can be many. The cheapest solution may not be the best solution for you or conversely a more expensive one may not be the most appropriate one either. The best suppliers offer the best advice to ensure that you get the best solution for you.
    1. Are the Nuwave SEG Fabric Popup Systems freestanding?
    Yes, all the systems are freestanding.

    2. How are the graphics fixed to the stand?
    The graphics have a silicone edge sewn on, the graphic is then easily fixed in a tensioned manner.

    3. Can the SEG Fabric Popup System graphic panels be changed?
    Yes, this is no problem, in fact it is very much a feature of this system.

    4. What sort of lead-time do you offer?
    Our standard lead-time is 5 working days.   We completely understand that sometimes things only happen at the last minute.  We will always accommodate quicker turnaround times where we can.
    There are so many variations and possibilities with the SEG Fabric Popup Systems that you may not wish to order online. But if you do, please follows these guidelines:

        1.  Choose the size of frame you require.
        2.  Select how many you would like.
        3.  Add to basket.
        4.  Select if you require any accessories.
        5.  Add to basket.
        6.  Checkout to complete your purchase.
        7.  Select the relevant template to design your artwork.
        8.  Upload your artwork.
    1. Design your own artwork using our design templates; these will be sent to you once you know what size of display stand you require. We can print directly from most vectored or high resolution formats; read our full Artwork Guidelines tab also above. Once you have designed your artwork on our template, upload it using the Upload Artwork tab below or send by email to if small enough.
    2. We appreciate that not everyone can design their own layouts so we are more than happy to help layout your artwork for you. For all orders over £100 we offer a simple service free of charge. For orders under £100 we charge £20 which covers 45 minutes of studio time. In any case, where design requirements need more time or need more expert input we will quote before embarking upon the request. In order for us to proceed once you have ordered, please send your logo(s) and design brief by email to or use the Upload Artwork tab below where files are too large to email.
    3. If you have any query at all about your artwork, please do give us a call on 01748 834850, we are here to help!

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