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Joinable Easy Banner

The Nuwave Easy Banner Joinable is a tensioned banner that is a good alternative to a normal wide cassette roller banner stand. In the joinable version each panel can be joined to form a seamless straight run. With panels available in 60, 85, and 100cm wide, we can tailor a run to fit the size that you require.

Each panel has snap rails top and bottom and is tensioned by a single rod that fits into the heave, steel L shaped floor stand. It is exceptionally stable and made so that the rail top is largely invisible, the graphic appears to rise out from the floor with no cassette to distract the viewer.

The very few parts and graphic pack away into small protective carry bags, that are also very light, making this a potentially wide format display screen that unlike a 1.5m wide roller banner, requires very little space and effort to move it about.

Each Section of The Nuwave Easy Banner Joinable comes with a rolled up graphic, 3 section pole, heavy duty stand and padded bag.

From £79.00 per panel, ring us for a quote tailored to your exact needs.

£210.00 - Ex VAT
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Nuwave Display Easy Banner Joinable Stands are:

  1. Printed onto specialist non-curl PVC for a sleek finish.
  2. Printed onto photo quality BLOCKOUT media or High Quality Display Fabric.
  3. Supplied with a well padded, easy to carry case for ultimate protection for each panel.
  4. Supplied with a 3 section central pole joined by elastic bungees for each panel.
  5. Standard panels are 60, 85 or 100cm wide.


Type Size Bag Size Weight
85mm wide Easy Banner panel 0.85cm x 2.0m 90cm x 10cm diameter 1kg

Nuwave Display Easy Banner Stands are:

  1. Printed onto specialist non-curl PVC for a sleek finish – no curling at the edges which allows for the seamless joining of each panel.
  2. Easy to use and so quick to set up.
  3. Photo quality print on BLOCKOUT media.
  4. Supplied with a well padded carry case for each panel, meaning a long backdrop can be easily and simply moved about.
  5. Each unit weighs less than 2kg so very easy to carry and transport.
  6. Very few parts; difficult to damage.
  7. Graphics easy to change so ideal if your message changes.
  8. Unit takes up very little floor space.
  9. Very stable; no tilting forwards or backwards as can happen with some roller banners.
  10. Panels 60cm,85cm or 100cmwide x 215cm high can be joined – a limitless number of panels can be joined.
  1. Each panel is easily transported in a small carry case. – ideal if you need to carry your display with you. It will fit into a small car so need for a long van to cart your display about in.
  2. Takes up little room so perfect where floor space is at a premium.
  3. Perfect where set-up and take down time is at a premium.
  4. Ideal where you need a wide display stand, where time, money and space is at a premium.
  5. The excellent stability of this banner means there is no tilting forwards or backwards so brilliant if you want to place several in a line.
  6. Uses no hollow casing or moving parts so nothing to dent or break in transit or after repeated use.
  1. Does what you are being offered include a padded bag or protective case? This is crucial as the media is not protected by a cassette as in a roller banner.
  2. Is the media used block out? If it is not, then light may shine through from the back, which can reduce the sharpness and clarity of the image.
  3. Is the media used specifically “so flat”? Almost all other media will suffer curling at the edges when the banner is erect. This curling has a very detrimental effect on presentation of your message and will make the joins look anything but seamless.
  4. How much help are you being offered on design and artwork? This can be a daunting prospect for some buyers and when left unsupported can make what looked like a good value banner turn into a very expensive and time consuming purchase.
  5. How much help and advice are you being offered to make sure you get the right solution for your needs? Your needs can be varied and the solutions available can be many. The cheapest solution may not be the best solution for you or conversely a more expensive one may not be the most appropriate one either. The best suppliers offer the best advice to ensure that you get the best solution for you.
  1. What is a Nuwave Easy Banner Joinable?
    A Nuwave Easy Banner is a tensioned banner stand such that each stand can be joined to achieve one long, seamless run to form an exhibition backdrop.
  2. What sizes do you make?
    Each panel is 85cm wide, but each panel can be joined to make one long, seamless run. In theory there is no limit to the number that can be joined.
  3. What Media are they printed on?
    We print all our Easy Banne Joinable onto blockout, soflat PVC . Our blockout PVC ensures that no light can be seen through the print and also ensures the media does not curl at the edges. This ensures that the single units look perfect and square and the multi unit stands have seamless joins.
  4. Is it possible to change the graphics if you want to change the message?
    Yes, this is very easily done.
  5. Is the media certified flame retardant?
  1. Choose the product size you require, as defined by the number of panels. If you need more than 4 panels contact us and we can quote you especially.
  2. Select how many you would like, do contact us on 01748 834850 for a quotation for large quantities.
  3. Add to basket.
  4. Checkout to complete your purchase.
  5. Select the relevant template to design your artwork.
  6. Upload your artwork.
  1. Design your own artwork using our design templates; these can be downloaded from the Templates tab on the right hand side. We can print directly from most vectored or high resolution formats; see our Artwork Requirements tab also on the right. Once you have designed your artwork on our template, upload it using the Artwork Upload tab or send by email to if small enough.
  2. We appreciate that not everyone can design their own layouts so we are more than happy to help layout your artwork for you. For all orders over £100 we offer a simple service free of charge. For orders under £100 we charge £20 which covers 45 minutes of studio time. In any case, where design requirements need more time or need more expert input we will quote before embarking upon the request. In order for us to proceed once you have ordered, please send your logo(s) and design brief by email to or use the Artwork Upload tab on the right where files are too large to email.

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