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Round Popout Banner

The Nuwave round popout banner is every bit as easy to use, store and fold as the other shapes of popout banner. Despite its round shape it sits beautifully on the ground, so again works perfectly indoors or out. The round shape allows you to make best use of a round logo and it being very unusual, certainly catches the eye. The round popout is ideal at conferences, trade and county shows, sporting and street events of any kind and is perfect for shopping mall stands.

Round popout banners share all the virtues of our other models and don’t forget we can now change the fabric on your existing banners so that when your logo or message changes we will extend the life of your banners for a fraction of the cost of buying new.  You can also have a different design on each panel, at no extra cost!  We make the round popout banner as large as 1.5m in diameter and as small as 0.7m, but should you require a different size banner, an even smaller diameter popout banner for instance, do give us a call - we are here to help.

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Price includes printed panels, carry bag and securing pegs.
£90.00 - Ex VAT
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Quantity Small (0.7m diameter) Medium (1.2m diameter) Large (1.5m diameter)
1+ £90.00 £125.00 £135.00

  1. Can be supplied with a bespoke branded carry bag.
  2. Printed in full colour digital print onto 210gsm knitted polyester, flame retardant display fabric.
  3. Supplied with two printed panels as standard; and offer the option of having different artwork printed on each panel should you wish.
  4. Made with a glass fibre rod frame that is guaranteed for 2 years
  5. Supplied in a heavy duty, zip-up, pu-coated, water resistant bag, with securing pegs included.
  6. Constructed so that the banners can be twisted into a figure of eight (except the small round popout banner which is supplied not folded), less than half its size, for easy storage and transportation.
  7. Supplied with easy to follow instructions with each banner.


Size Bag Size Weight
Large 1.5m diameter 85cm diameter 2kg
Medium 1.2m diameter 65cm diameter 2kg
Small 0.7m diameter 70cm diameter (not folded) 1.5kg
  1. Are set up and taken down in just 30 seconds – no other banner can save you this time and money.
  2. Securing pegs for soft ground and cross struts underneath the banner to take weights on hard ground ensure these popout banners will perform whatever the conditions and weather – they WILL NOT FLY AWAY!
  3. Striking looks and clean lines mean they are equally at home indoors or outside.
  4. Are so easy to fold, anyone of any size and strength will be able to put up a popout banner.
  5. Weigh less than 3kg, so they are easy to carry and cheap to transport.
  6. Are very eye-catching, your message will really get noticed.
  7. Are made with fibreglass rods which will withstand years of use and are guaranteed for 24 months for your complete peace of mind.
  8. Have a high quality full colour digital print to your bespoke design.
  9. We can manufacture within 5 working days, or even quicker if need be, so even at the last minute you can have your Nuwave popout banners.
  10. Graphic panels can be replaced if your logo or message changes, a unique benefit of buying from Nuwave Display – saves the planet and saves you money!
  1. If bad weather at your event is a possibility popout banners are ideal. Your event will be cancelled before these banners fail.
  2. Need to move your banners between venues?  Popout banners are ideal; they are so lightweight and easy to transport, as well as not easily damaged.
  3. Need to move your banners around a venue; say from the first tee to the last tee and then to the prize giving area during a golf day?  Popout banners are perfect for this.
  4. Short of time and people to put up your banners before, and take them down after an event? At less than 1 minute per banner, the popout banner is ideal.
  5. Do you need a banner to look good indoors and perform equally well outside?  The popout banner is perfect for this.
  6. Lot of people about?  Round popouts are so forgiving they will not fall over or break if someone pushes into it and will not hurt anyone who does so.
  1. Is the system you are being offered a metal frame or fibre-glass framed system?
    Metal framed systems are similar to the popup tents that we are familiar with. That is they fold down into 3 rings (so a nice small package) but are quite tricky to fold and are easy to bend out of shape – rendering the frame useless – fibre-glass frames are very easy to fold, cannot be bent out of shape and will never go slack and lose their tension.
  2. Is your supplier offering you a 2 year guarantee?
    Fibre-glass resins vary greatly in strength and also resistance to heat (hot weather has a degrading effect on some resins). Popout banners are folded into tight radius bends that put pressure on the fibres. Cheaper resins will gradually fail. A 2 year guarantee like Nuwave offers should give you peace of mind that only high quality resins are used; otherwise be suspicious!
  3. Does your supplier offer a graphic change service?
    We know that dates can change, or messages can change. Popout banner frames last for years and years so the facility to change the graphic saves on waste and saves you money too.
  4. How much help are you being offered on design and artwork?
    This can be a daunting prospect for some buyers and when left unsupported can make what looked like a good value banner turn into a very expensive and time consuming purchase.
  5. How much help and advice are you being offered to make sure you get the right solution for your needs?
    Your needs can be varied and the solutions available can be many. The cheapest solution may not be the best solution for you or conversely a more expensive one may not be the most appropriate one either. The best suppliers offer the best advice to ensure that you get the best solution for you.
  1. Will popout banners blow away in the wind?
  2. No - our popout banners are all supplied complete with securing pegs. The pegs will secure the banners in even the strongest winds, making it ideal for golf course signage or beach banners.

  3. Can your popout banners stand up to extreme weather conditions?
  4. Yes – the fibre-glass frames are nigh on indestructible. That is why we offer a 2 year warranty on these frames.

  5. How do you secure popout banners onto a hard surface?
  6. Popout banners come with stiff dividing legs that sit on the floor. Weights (such as water or sand filled bags) can be placed on these. Alternatively weights can be cable tied to the eyelets that are normally used for pegging the banner onto a soft surface.

  7. Can the popout banner graphic panels be changed?
  8. Yes - unlike many other frame banner systems a Nuwave popout banner graphic panel can be changed when your logo or message needs updating. We can help you save waste (and the planet) and money this way.

  9. Can I have a different design on each panel of the popout banner?
  10. Yes, you can have a different design on each panel of a Nuwave popout banner, and at no extra cost!

  11. Can you print branding on the popout carry bag?
  12. Yes – it gives a really professional look.

  13. What happens if someone or something heavy falls on a popout banner?
  14. This is no problem at all. The fibre-glass frame is almost elastic so will give way without harming the person or the object that falls on it, and once the weight is removed the frame will spring out back to its original state.

  15. Do you offer a guarantee?
  16. Yes. We guarantee all our popout banner frames for two years, no questions asked. We use only the best quality resin in our rods so as to have complete confidence in our guarantee.

  17. How easy are the Nuwave popout banners to fold?
  18. The folding process is incredibly easy; a 30 second job in fact, requiring no great strength or aptitude. It is a case of squeezing an open banner in the middle. This naturally makes the banner curl into a figure of 8. The banner is then placed on its end and is easily folded in half and thence into its carry bag. Easy to follow instructions are included with every banner.

  1. Choose the product size you require, see illustration within the images for available sizes.
  2. Select how many you would like – contact us on 01748 834850 for a quotation for large quantities.
  3. Add to basket.
  4. Select any accessories, if required.
  5. Checkout to complete your purchase.
  6. Select the relevant template to design your artwork.
  7. Upload your artwork.
  1. Design your own artwork using our design templates; these can be downloaded from the Download Artwork Templates tab above. We can print directly from most vectored or high resolution formats; read our full Artwork Guidelines tab also above. Once you have designed your artwork on our template, upload it using the Upload Artwork tab below or send by email to if small enough.
  2. We appreciate that not everyone can design their own layouts so we are more than happy to help layout your artwork for you. For all orders over £100 we offer a simple service free of charge. For orders under £100 we charge £20 which covers 45 minutes of studio time. In any case, where design requirements need more time or need more expert input we will quote before embarking upon the request. In order for us to proceed once you have ordered, please send your logo(s) and design brief by email to or use the Upload Artwork tab below where files are too large to email.
  3. If you have any query at all about your artwork, please do give us a call on 01748 834850, we are here to help!

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